Advent Meditation

Photo Credit:Preacher

It is God’s promise to continue to dwell with us, that God will not leave us…. and in this dwelling, we might find both the love and presence of Jesus illuminating the darkness and bringing hope in our times of despair.

Creating on Prayer

One of things I find beautiful is when I can pray while creating. I have found that making prayer shawls for people has been one way I can not only share my love for creating, but that I can spend time in prayer for the person whom which I am making the shawl. This shawl happens to be one that I made during my educational time in CPE (Clinical Pastoral Education).

For All the Saints

Remembering all those who have gone before us.

Today, we give thanks for all of the saints who rest in God’s perpetual light. On this day, we often are reminded of those who have gone before us and of our own sorrows. It is a bittersweet day, as we hold in our hands the balance of grief and hope for the future. We can rest assure, knowing that our God of hope, love, grace, and mercy is with us now and forever.


Hello!  My name is Tammy.  Thanks for stopping by my blog.  My hope is that you find time out of your busy day to come relax with a cup of something yummy to sip and enjoy.

I’m a mother of two busy boys, a wife to an adventure seeking hubby, and “mom” to a crazy loveable yellow lab.  Some of my other shoes that I fill are seminary student and pastoral intern.  I love doing creative things, such as:  baking and cooking, sewing and crafts, art, decorating, and entertaining. In addition, I enjoy getting outside to canoe, hike, garden, walk, and explore.  I consider myself a student of life and a child of God. 

This blog came into being from my family’s love of entertaining and sharing life with our family, friends, and neighbors around the table.  I believe that the many hands that come around the table bring opportunities to share beautiful and lifegiving stories, as well as opportunities to walk alongside one another during the difficult times.  The conversations we share come together to create the mosaic table of life, where all the pieces somehow fit together to create the beautiful design in each of our lives. 

Thanks for visiting and I hope you stop by again!