Thank you for stopping by my Reflections page! I currently taking a course on Media and Ministry. Here’s where I will be posting some of my reflection writing from this course, as well as some creative projects. If there is something you find that you enjoy and would like to share with others, please reach out to me to ask permission first. Again, thanks for stopping by!

Power Flower

We live in such a fast paced society today, that many of us often do not think about the power we have in different groups in which we are members. This power can come from our gender, age, religion, culture, economic, race, and the list goes ones. This artifact is part of a collection of work that I have done to think more about my own power that I hold in different groups. Although this is a sample of of one group that I chose to explore, I believe that there are many other groups that I can and should be exploring more. Perhaps this is one of the first steps that will help me to answer some of my big questions around power. You can see more about my reflection here:

InfoGraphic Reflection

Info Graphics are a great way to communicate information about something to people. Not only do they communcate various pieces of information, but they are visually attractive to the eye, which draws in readers attention. Click on the links below to see my reflection on my info graphic design, as well as my info graphic

Commercial Reflection

I am currently taking class on Media and Ministry. While one might wonder how media enters into ministry, it becomes more evident to me that much of our world (both online and offline) has the potential to intersect with scripture. It’s up to us to make our own meanings of how they intersect with one another and develop deeper meaning in our own lives.

To understand the fullness of the reflection, I think it’s important to watch the video that it is referring to:

My Reflection:

Advent Reflection

Social Media Mapping

Have you ever wondered how you spend your time on Social Media or how you spend your day? I tracked my day to answer those two questions. Not only was I surprised, but I was moved to thinking more about my daily choices. I have reflected on both my mapping and my how I spent my day; you can read my reflections here:

Photo Exercise

We have all heard that a “picture can say a thousand words”. What if a picture can say only one or three words? It’s possible and here my reflection on this photo exercise:

Photo Exercise

This assignment was by far my very favorite in this course!  I chose a Friday to do my assignment.  Fridays tend to be my most normal day of the week.  It’s my day off from church, so I tend to focus on things that fill my cup to the point where it starts to overflow.  On this particular Friday, I set my phone to remind me to take photos and it was so much fun to see what I do on an average Friday.

On this particular Friday, I stopped to visit one of my very favorite people in the world, Julie.  She is one of my “soul sisters” in regards that we really understand one another.  Our time together moves fast, as we so enjoy each other’s company.  On this particular visit, Julie planned a special activity for us to do together.  We made challah!  Since Julie and her family are Jewish and celebrate Shabbat on Fridays and my family celebrates Sabbath on Fridays, she thought it would be a perfect activity for us to do together. 

Julie is the one who taught me about Shabbat and the importance of having time of rest.  It is not so much of buying special food or having a strict ritual, as it is gathering around the table together to give God thanks and remember what God has provided.  Her Shabbat looks very different from my family’s Sabbath, however, they are equally important to both of us.  What does seem similar for both of us is lighting candles, giving thanks, having peace within the evening, enjoying family and friend time, thanking God for the abundant blessings that God has given and will continue to give, and sharing a sacred meal together.  With that being said, it was this warm bread that brought us together on one chilly Friday.

I love to bake bread, but this was one bread recipe that intimidated me.  The intricate braiding of the bread was what worried me.  However, with my friend at my side, I soon found how meditative it was to concentrate on braiding the bread.  There is something special about this bread.  It requires one’s careful braiding to move the dough around in such a manner that makes one wonder if God is smiling just as a parent watches their child doing something wonderful. When the bread has been braided and its ready to go into the oven, there is almost this anticipation that comes in knowing how amazing this bread will be.  As the smell fill the room, it’s hard not to take notice and give thanks for abundant food.  As the bread came out of the oven, I could hardly contain the smile that came over my face, as I was grateful for the beauty my eyes beheld. 

Creator God, we give you thanks for the abundant food you provide. Watch over the farmers as they harvest their crops and feed those who have little to nothing to eat. 

Shabbat Shalom!

Psalm 8

Incorporating a daily meditation practice into my life has been important to me. Sometimes I do a walking meditation, a creative meditation, and now I am trying a media meditation.